Producer References


“Having Mark on any shoot instantly gives peace of mind. He has a natural instinct on location and is always getting those extra shots in-between takes. Mark is able to give his opinion on how shots would or wouldn’t work through his breadth of experience and is fantastic to bounce ideas around with. He is excellent with all manor of contributors, including very senior members of the BBC. Mark has a great personality and is a joy to have on any shoot. He is always my cameraman of choice and is a pleasure to work with.”


Lydia Pedreira (Producer/Director)




“I’ve worked with Mark for the last five years on a variety of projects and he has consistently delivered no matter what the brief has been. His ability to think creatively and work quickly and calmly even in time-pressured and challenging situations have proved to be invaluable qualities and consequently he is always the first camera operator I call on for my shoots. I’ve worked on many contributor-led films with Mark and his ability to work well not only with the production team but with contributors means shoots run more smoothly which leaves me to concentrate on getting the content I need. Mark comes highly recommended.”


Kieran Carruthers (Producer/Director)




“Mark is an exceptionally creative, resourceful and above all instinctive lighting cameraman. His professionalism and attention to detail is matched by his innate ability to capture the story in any number of situations, genres and locations with multiple contributors. A 1st class team player, Mark’s ability to build good relationships quickly and instil confidence on location gives every shoot a rolling start and empowers every other member of production to concentrate on the task in hand.”


Kieron Townend (Producer/Director)